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Meet the Owner

Guiding your decision in choosing Liberty Roofing & Construction begins by getting to know the man behind the business. By first handshake, you'll find everything written here to be an honest reflection of William, as well as the care you will receive at Liberty Roofing.

About William Berard

William Berard IV is the owner and operator of Liberty Roofing & Construction, a company firmly rooted in Louisiana. However, Will’s journey didn’t begin here in the Pelican State, he discovered his passion for the roofing craft in Florida. Will cut his teeth in an industry and state known for its stringent building and roofing standards. It’s no secret to those in the Sunshine State that roofing is a perfected art; contractors must adhere to rigorous permitting and regulations under FBC (Florida Building Code), and the ever more stringent Miami-Dade building code, which is the gold standard for roofing in the country. So let’s borrow a phrase from New York and apply it to the roofing business in Florida - “If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.” 

A day that changed the very course of Will’s life - August 29, 2021. Will vividly recalls watching the news reports and seeing the devastation delivered to the people of Louisiana in the wake of Hurricane Ida. It didn’t feel right to him, from the comfort of his own home, seeing the people of Louisiana suffer. He wanted to help, knew he could help, and refusing to remain helpless, 

moved to Louisiana. Although it was a business decision, to say it was only that is to miss the mark of this man. It was his inside knowledge of the insurance industry, paired with his expertise in roofing systems that can withstand intense storms and live up to the strictest code regulations in the country, that Will effectively used to provide relief to Louisiana homeowners without any cost to them. It will never be lost on this man the warm gratitude he received from devastated homeowners in Louisiana. 

In the course of business in Louisiana, Will meets Taylor, who is born and raised in Louisiana. The two quickly discover their mutual priorities - Love of God, love of God’s creation in their fellow man, and love of Country. Taylor is now Will’s wife, and the two are expecting their first child due in May 2023.

Now that you know a little about the man behind the business, you are invited to our Gallery section where you will see in full living color his remarkable work ethic, attention to detail, and craftsmanship.


It's rare customer's can speak directly to the owner, but William values his customers, and shows up when they need him. 

If he's busy with a project, you can always shoot him a text and/or reach out to the office by call, text, or e-mail.

call/text: 985-402-5796

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