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“My roof looks fine to me. So, why would I really need a free inspection?”

Well, first, it's free!

If you live in Southeast Louisiana, chances are very high that your roof has been through a wind storm, hail storm, and/or even a hurricane. From the ground, or to the untrained eye, your roof might appear as if it’s still in good condition. But, a trained professional can identify the micro-abrasions, tears, brittleness, and minute damage that can lead to major damage (interior and exterior).

Think of it this way, there is a reason you can file an insurance claim for any named storm for up to 2 years after– this is because it may take some time before a homeowner begins to notice the effects the storm's damage caused. That’s why it’s a good idea to get ahead of the game with roof inspections. Once you’re able to spot the damage from the interior/exterior of your home, you’re already looking at way bigger problems (mold, compromised decking, damage to your interior drywall/ceiling, attic damage, possible wood rot, etc.). A roofing contractor can spot these damages before it leads to bigger issues.

Believe it or not, even minor wind and hail storms that you think very little of can cause major problems when ignored.

Most roofing contractors offer free inspections– please, take advantage of that! A good roofing contractor will get up on your roof, document any damages they see via photos/video/drone, and report back to you the true condition of your roof. They will show and explain to you exactly what kind of damage they found, how it can impact your roof and home over time, and present the best options to remedy the problem (if there is one).

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